EverGen’s organic waste processing facility outperformed in 2021

EverGen Infrastructure Corp (EverGen) announced that its Sea to Sky Soils organic waste processing and composting facility processed around 160% of its budgeted tonnage in the second half of last year.

The Sea to Sky Soils facility in British Columbia serves as a source of valuable feedstock for EverGen’s existing and future RNG operations.

The plant processed approximately 36,000 tonnes of organic waste in 2021. Having maintained permit compliance, as expected, Sea to Sky Soils is working with the Ministry of Environment to expand operational capacity this year.

EverGen, Canada’s RNG infrastructure platform, partnered with local municipalities including Metro Vancouver and the municipality of Pemberton to deliver additional organic waste to the facility throughout 2021 and beyond.

“Sea to Sky Soils is an important part of EverGen’s RNG infrastructure platform,” said the firm’s co-founder and CEO, Chase Edgelow.

“As a key facility positioned to contribute to our future growth in RNG production, we are excited about the organic waste processing achieved in 2021.

“With increased performance at Sea to Sky Soils, we are setting the stage to expand our RNG production across the platform.”

Sea to Sky Soils is one of three projects in EverGen’s portfolio and has been operating near Pemberton, British Columbia on Lil’wat Nation land since 2012. The Lil’wat Nation is a key partner and supporter of the facility, which has employed a majority of staff from the First Nation since inception and supports social, cultural and recreation programmes in Mount Currie.

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