Evergen makes first RNG injection at GrowTEC facility in Alberta, Canada

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Evergen Infrastructure Corp. made its first injection of renewable natural gas (RNG) at its GrowTEC facility in Alberta, Canada in late June, following utility grid connection upon completion of gas quality sampling, and has been producing daily volumes of up to 180 gigajoules per day.
The completion of phase 1 of the GrowTEC RNG expansion project delivers production capacity of 80,000 gigajoules of RNG annually.
With phase 1 completed, Evergen expects to continue the development of the facility through the addition of preprocessing and depackaging equipment to broaden the range of organic waste the facility can process and the expansion of RNG capacity, which includes the addition of a third anaerobic digestor.
Phase 2 of the project is expected to increase production capacity to 140,000 gigajoules of RNG annually, with feasibility work under way and a final investment decision targeted for later this year.
"We are thrilled with our team's achievement at GrowTEC, marking an exciting milestone in the growth of our RNG infrastructure platform and underpins our model as a developer, owner, operator and consolidator of projects in the space. RNG plays a crucial role in the global energy transition as the only carbon-negative energy source and we are excited to take this significant step towards achieving a decarbonised energy future," said Chase Edgelow, chief executive officer of Evergen.
GrowTEC, located on the Perry family farm near Lethbridge,ย is a multifaceted bioenergy venture of sustainable agriculture, integrating responsible best practices and renewable energy.
Prior to the completion of the core RNG expansion project, GrowTEC has historically been converting biodegradable waste into biogas and generating renewable power for over eight years.
Evergen acquired a 67% interest in GrowTEC in July 2022.
"A very exciting moment for GrowTEC as our vision for a greener future comes to fruition through our partnership with Evergen. The successful injection of RNG into the gas grid from our on-farm waste-to-energy facility marks a significant milestone in our sustainability journey. As a farmer, I am immensely proud to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape by supplying a renewable energy hub in the middle of the energy transition corridor in Alberta. This partnership showcases the power of collaboration and innovation in shaping a sustainable tomorrow for our planet," said Chris Perry, co-owner of GrowTEC.

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