European biogas operator looks to UK sector

Biogas plant developer Agri Capital and technology provider BioWatt Developments are to work closer together following the completed signing of a mutual cooperation framework agreement.

Agri Capital will use the agreement to help springboard its attempt to break into the UK market from Europe, where it operates 80 biogas plants throughout Germany, while BioWatt seeks to capitalise on further developments it has made in the fields of anaerobic digestion and biogas technology.

‘Biogas is unique among renewable energy sources as it is reliable, storable and transportable, with application for electricity, heating and transport,’ says Agri Capital CEO Anton Daubner. ‘We have built a substantial business in the EU, principally in Germany, and we are pleased to be able to partner with BioWatt as our first step in becoming a significant player in the UK market.’

Agri Capital’s initial objective is to secure a 50MW capacity project in the UK through a majority ownership, while BioWatt will offer long-term facilities management of its own and third party projects.

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