European biogas manufacturer Biogest expands into Greece

European biogas plant manufacturer Biogest has signed a deal with Greek firm Elakmon to expand into the market. The cooperation agreement will enable Biogest to expand into a market with an “attractive framework” and large availability of agro-industrial residues.

Biogest has already worked on projects in the UK, France, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic, India and South Korea. The company believes Greece has huge market potential for biogas.

Currently, the majority of electricity produced in Greece comes from coal, with renewables playing only a minor role. Following new renewable energy targets established by the EU for 2020, Greece has developed an ‘ambitious’ energy strategy, including conditions for the development of biogas plants. Biogest has experience working with residues from the Mediterranean agro-industry in Italy, such as olive pomace, with projects currently being developed.

Biogest will be introducing its PowerRing technology to Greek customers. Combined with ‘outstanding’ mixing technology, PowerRing provides the possibility to work with varied feedstocks including animal manure, straw and agro-industrial residues.

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