Eurogas and NGVA Europe join forces

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Trade associations Eurogas and the Natural and bio Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA Europe) have agreed to combine their resources for more efficient representation of gaseous fuel use in the European transport sector. Didier Holleaux, Eurogas president, explains more about the partnership.
Eurogas and NGVA Europe have been aligned for many years, Holleaux said, going as far as sharing office space to improve collaboration.
“This merger is simply the next step in a long and close relationship,” he added. “Eurogas’ work on transport topics is strengthened by the expertise that NGVA brings to the table, particularly surrounding natural gas and biomethane in road vehicles, while we complement this with a more holistic perspective from our work with the whole gas sector.
“Eurogas also adds to NGVA’s technical experience with our own expertise surrounding the transition to renewable and low carbon gases, including hydrogen.”
Moving forward, stakeholders will have one unified voice concerning transport topics on a European level, and Eurogas will continue its previous engagement with NGVA as a source of information and coordination.
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