Eurogas and NGVA combine resources to advance EU transport decarbonisation

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Trade associations Eurogas and the Natural and bio Gas Vehicle Association (NGVA Europe) have agreed to combine their resources for more efficient representation of gaseous fuel use in the European transport sector, effective from 1 January this year.
The move comes in light of the recent Green Deal legislative package, which the organisations said has confirmed the increasing importance of gaseous fuels for decarbonising transport, particularly in the areas of road and maritime transport.
In this context NGVA Europe has merged with Eurogas to improve understanding of the possibilities for biomethane, hydrogen and natural gas to deliver decarbonisation of transport as society moves away from oil.
Moving forward, Eurogas will continue to provide knowledge on the decarbonisation of the gas sector, the optimal usage of gases in the energy mix and the role of gas in transport, as well as coordinate with all actors in the g-mobility value chain to maximise the efficiency of emissions reductions.
Didier Holleaux, Eurogas president, stated: "Eurogas and NGVA have a long history of cooperation and collaboration. We have cosigned numerous position papers and cooperated to gather information and resources. This merger thus constitutes the culmination of increasing synergy which could only be improved by the two organisations merging to continue both Eurogas’ and NGVA Europe’s engagement with a stronger voice."
Timm Kehler, president of NGVA, added: "At a moment when critical policy is being made that will affect the sector for years to come, a strong voice for gas in transport is extremely important. Eurogas and NGVA Europe both support a multi-technology approach to decarbonisation of transport and encourage the scaleup of renewable gases so that they can effectively play their role in delivering this objective."

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