EUBCE 2023 award winners announced

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The European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE), the largest biomass conference and exhibition in the world, announced its 2023 award winners today (5 June).
The winners were announced on the first day of the conference, which runs until 8 June.
The Johannes Linneborn Prize was established by the European Commission in 1994 to honour scientific, technical or managerial merit in the development of energy from biomass. It is awarded every year to an individual for outstanding merits in biomass.
The 2023 prize went to professor Suani T. Coelho PhD, Institute of Energy and Environment, University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.
The Giuliano Grassi Excellence in Biomass Industrial Deployment Prize was established in 2022 to honour scientific, technical or managerial merit in the market deployment of biomass industrial processes, attained over a long period of continuous achievements.
It was awarded to Marko Janhunen, director, public affairs at UPM.
Collecting his award, he emphasised three important focus points for the industry.
The first is collaboration - to find new ways of promoting of the industry, for which EUBCE has always been a great vehicle, he said.
Another important facet is innovation: “while I’m not recognised as the most technical person in the room, it really is a key feature of our industry, and I am really proud to represent UPM’s innovations,” said Janhunen.
Finally, he highlighted momentum as important, to create a voice for the industry. “We need to make our points clear, to educate and inform our stakeholders about the story that we have,” he concluded.



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