EU to surpass 2020 renewable energy goals

The EU’s target to source 20% of its energy from renewable materials by 2020 may be exceeded, according to the 27 National Renewable Energy Action Plans analysis of the European Wind Energy Association.

As 25 of the 27 EU countries aim to meet or exceed their renewable energy objectives, 20.7% of the EU’s total energy consumption could come from renewable sources.

34% of its electricity demand could also derive from renewables, 14% of which is generated by wind alone. 10.5% is expected to come from hydro, and 6.6% from biomass. The remaining will be come from solar, CSP, geothermal and ocean.

However, while countries such as Sweden and Finland are on track to meet their 50% and 38% targets respectively, other countries look lees-likely to reach their goals.

Malta appears unlikely to meet its 10% target by 2020, while Luxembourg is struggling to source just 11% of its energy from renewable materials. Hungary is another nation that looks to fall short of its 13% target. 

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