EU targets force power plant to close

In the UK Buildwas Power Station, Shropshire's only coal-fired power plant, may have to close down due to EU emissions targets.

According to EU legislation, power plants burning fossil fuels must either replace existing technology with a green alternative or store its carbon emissions in order to stop them entering the atmosphere.

Daniel Kawczynski, Shrewsbury and Atcham MP, has already met with Buildwas directors about the issue and will now meet with Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss the matter further.

'Unless the power station converts to biomass by the end of 2015 the turbines will be turned off,' Kawczynski says. 'I will be explaining to Mr. Cameron that it is very important we give a clear steer on what the government can do to help power plants.'

According to the MP, there are around 20 coal-fired power stations left in the UK. 'It has a great impact on the area powering 750,000 homes and providing 200 jobs,' he explains.

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