ETW Energietechnik supplies upgrading technology for 45km biogas grid

ETW Energietechnik (ETW) has supplied biogas upgrading technology for a 45km gas grid in Bitburg, Germany.

The newly-built biogas pipeline will collect raw biogas supplies from up to 48 biogas plants in the region. The 45km-long pipeline began transporting the gas to a central upgrading facility at the Bitburg commercial, service and leisure centre area, Flugplatz Bitburg, in May. From there, it is refined into biomethane and fed into the gas grid.

With this new pipeline, the project’s shareholders, SWT Stadtwerke Trier, private waste management firm Luzia Francois and Landwerke Eifel AöR, are contributing to an important part of the green and decentralised energy transition. ETW’s biomethane upgrading plant is at the heart of the project, based on ETW SmartCycle® PSA technology.

The biogas plant network in the region has the potential to produce around 10,000m3 of raw biogas per hour, according to ETW. Since May, the first seven plants have sent 1,800m3 per hour of biogas to the upgrading plant, equivalent to an annual volume of around 64 million kW. With this volume, around a third of Bitburg’s natural gas demand – 14,000 inhabitants – can be covered.

Dr Oliver Jende, sales management at ETW, said: “During the planning stage, we have already provided for the possibility of being able to adjust the future capacity at any time to the expected growth of the agricultural biogas plants.”

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