ESL Shipping first in Finland to use 100% renewable LBG in maritime transport

ESL Shipping has become the first in Finland to use 100% renewable liquefied biogas (LBG) in maritime transport.

The major carrier of dry bulk cargo in the Baltic region announced that its vessel m/s Viikki was fuelled in Raahe, Finland, with 100% renewable LBG to transport iron ore for the Swedish steel company SSAB. The biogas was supplied by Gasum.

“This marks another milestone in our long continuum of sustainability-related investments and actions of recent years,” said Mikki Koskinen, managing director of ESL Shipping.

“ESL Shipping is committed to reducing emissions, and we believe that the ambitious targets set by our industry, 50% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, can only be reached by using a wide range of alternative fuels.

“We have been doing long-term environmental work together with SSAB for years and now we are taking a new, significant step towards fossil-free maritime transport.”

According to ESL Shipping, the wider deployment of biogas has been delayed by the ‘relatively limited’ availability of biogas. The firm believes the cost also plays a role in the slow roll-out of biogas, but that companies are increasingly seeing the value of reducing emissions through their supply chains.

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