erex signs MoU with Vietnam province to develop biomass projects

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Japanese electric company erex Co has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Can Tho Province, Vietnam, for the purpose of exchanging and providing information on the development of the study of biomass power plant projects.
A signing ceremony for the MOU was conducted at the Investment Promotion Conference for Realising the Vision of the Master Plan from 2030 to 2050 - held last month between erex and Can Tho Province.
Vietnam's Prime Minister, Pham Minh Chรญnh was present at the ceremony.
erex said that, as the international environment surrounding energy changes, it is important to develop energy plans tailored to each country's circumstances, to ensure a simultaneous response to stable energy supplies, sustainable economic growth and climate change amelioration measures.
The company added that South East Asian countries contain a wealth of unused biomass resources, and there is ample opportunity for the introduction of renewable energy. erex believes it can make use of its experience to date in this regard.
Consequently, erex is committed to achieving both decarbonisation and a stable supply of energy, and said it is achieving this with projects such as developing biomass plants in Vietnam; developing biomass fuel in Vietnam and other South East Asian countries; and focusing on fuel conversion using biomass co-combustion for coal-fired power.
"Towards the realisation of 'Zero Emissions 2050,' the Company will contribute to global de-carbonisation and solving energy issues by working to build and expand biomass businesses in collaboration with leading domestic and overseas companies," added erex.

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