EQTEC and Carbon Sole partner on Irish bioenergy projects

EQTEC Iberia SL, the wholly-owned subsidiary of technology solution firm EQTEC, which specialises in waste gasification to energy projects, has agreed to work with Carbon Sole Group on green energy solutions in Ireland.

Under the collaboration framework agreement, the two firms will jointly participate in projects in Ireland involving biogas and district heating, waste-to-energy and other energy infrastructure projects using EQTEC’s Gasifier Technology.

The agreement notes that Carbon Sole considers EQTEC as the exclusive gasification technology supplier and co-developer to three planned green energy parks utilising advanced biofuels, energy storage and district heating networks in Ireland. The first two proposed sites are suitable for heat and electricity generation using biofuels, 25 MWe grid connection contract offers have previously been secured for each site.

The proposed plants will be designed to handle forestry and agri-waste, in line with biofuels obligation schemes and certification requirements. The fuel will be sourced locally from underutilised forest waste biomass supply.

“Developing partnerships with high quality and established stakeholders in our target markets has been a key focus of EQTEC since I joined the company,” said David Palumbo, CEO of EQTEC. “We are particularly excited about this collaboration agreement with Carbon Sole as we rarely find a developer with such a great understanding of the sector matched with a thorough understanding of the energy needs of the towns and available resources in which the projects are to be vested.”

Palumbo went on to say that Carbon Sole has made several public sector presentations and submissions towards the decarbonisation of gateway towns and regions. Carbon Sole has been advising public and industrial sectors in Ireland on the decarbonisation of industrial processes and the energy transition “for a number of years”, according to Palumbo.

“We enter this partnership very confident that it will evolve beyond the current three projects under development,” he said. “Ireland is a very interesting market for us, offering numerous opportunities, particularly given its unique characteristic of being now the only EU state in the islands of the North Atlantic. It is also the location of our corporate headquarters and we intend to be a significant player in the decarbonisation process of its industries.”

Carbon Sole will be responsible for obtaining the permits, licences and authorisations, power purchase agreements and feedstock agreements for the projects, which are expected to be in place by the first quarter of 2021. The agreement states that it is envisaged EQTEC will, subject to contract, have the option but not the obligation to obtain up to a 25% equity interest in each project that might be progressed under the agreement, and that the agreement will be valid for 24 months.

Sean Daly, director of Carbon Sole, commented: “Carbon Sole Group are delighted to announce our partnership with EQTEC, focused on the development of our projects in Ireland starting with the regional gateway towns of Shannon and Sligo, to the north and mid-west of Ireland, which are strategically important to the development of industry clusters, employment and living.

“EQTEC’s advanced technologies will be key to enable Carbon Sole to utilise locally sourced forestry and agri-waste materials, to deliver a mix of green energy products to meet the various energy demands of each town is electricity, heating and transport, securing future sustainable growth, employment and low-carbon economic development.”

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