Enviva orders truck-receiving system from Bruks Siwertell

Enviva has ordered a truck-receiving system from Bruks Siwertell for its pellet facility in South Carolina, US.

The back-on truck dumper, with receiving hopper and collecting belt conveyor, is designed for Enviva’s wood pellet production plant in Greenwood, South Carolina. The contract also includes modifications to an existing screen tower to accommodate the new truck-receiving system.

Daniel Pace, sales manager of Bruks Siwertell, said: “Enviva knows that it can expect consistent performance, reliability, and a long service life from our equipment.

“In fact, the new system will slot right next to existing Bruks truck dumper technology, which was delivered in 2016.”

At the Greenwood site, logs are loaded, debarked, and processed using a Bruks drum chipper. The plant also receives already chipped wood, which ensures a continuous flow of inbound material. This is currently handled by a single Bruks back-on truck dumper. The new truck receiving system will work alongside the existing unit and each can unload wood chips at 130 tonnes per hour.

“They [the truck dumpers] have a low-profile design, which means that trucks tip their load as close to the ground as possible,” said Pace.

“Gently handling the wood reduces dust emissions by minimising the impact of material flowing out of the truck and landing in the hopper. Our systems also deliver quick cycle times, which enhances efficiency and keeps truck traffic to a minimum.”

Enviva’s new truck-receiving system will be delivered in spring 2021.

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