EnviTec positions itself closer to French biogas market

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EnviTec has said that its strategy to serve the growing French market more quickly is beginning to pay off. The firm invested in an in-house laboratory for EnviTec Biogas France in summer 2022.
"This was exactly the right decision, to offer our French customers an efficient and above all time-saving local analysis service,” said Martin Brinkmann, managing director of EnviTec Service, adding that the laboratory's capacity has been well-used.
Overall, he felt that all signs point to growth in 2023, even with the expiry of the current feed-in tariff.
“We’re also planning to expand our sales office premises at Le Meux,” Brinkmann continued, reporting that the number of enquiries in France has also risen, as unease about dependence on Russian gas continues.
EnviTec has therefore decided to position itself even closer to the French market, by appointing two French colleagues as directors on the EnviTec Biogas France management team.
Effective this year, Laurent Bigonski now handles Service, with Mehdy Benyahia responsible for Plant Engineering.
Benyahia joined EnviTec in 2015 as sales director, with Bigonski coming on board as a project manager in 2020.
“So we now have two engineers in our executive, able to contribute their expertise and team spirit to business operations,” commented Christian Ernst, managing director of EnviTec Biogas France. “Both of them have the EnviTec DNA, a strong sense of collegiality, innovative strengths and a service focus,” added Ernst.
The German firm has completed 43 plants in France - home to Europe's biggest agrarian economy - with five currently under construction.
Most of the plants are operated on waste and agricultural products, with around 20% being plants that focus on regional value creation and the closed-loop economy by utilising residues as input.
Over the last two years, the French subsidiary has recorded growth amounting to 32 new biogas plants with gas upgrading.
“At the moment, we are advising many operators who want to expand their existing plants,” Ernst concluded.
Alongside its service premises in Le Meux, Compiègne arrondissement, EnviTec Biogas France also maintains sales and administrative offices in Plédran, Brittany.

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