EnviTec Biogas to build third biogas upgrading facility in Estonia

Estonian firm AS EG Ehitus has ordered a third biogas upgrading plant from EnviTec Biogas.

AS EG Ehitus chose EnviTec again following the commissioning and successful performance test runs for two EnviThan gas upgrading plants in six months, during a pandemic.

The gas upgrading facility plus compressed natural gas (CNG) compressor unit will be put into service at the existing biogas plant by May 2021.

“Following our two projects in Tartu and Vinni, this plant in Oisu is solid proof of the long-term partnerships we achieve with our customers,” said Lars von Lehmden, managing director of EnviTec Anlagenbau.

Following a successful collaboration between EnviTec and AS EG Ehitus on the first two biogas upgrading plants, the customer, a subsidiary of gas network operator AS Eesti Gaas, decided to work with Envitec on another project.

The new gas upgrading plant has a capacity of 427 Nm3/h biomethane and is operated with raw gas from wet manure and food waste. Once the plant is complete, the biomethane will be compressed into CNG for distribution to the transport sector. This will involve filling the green fuel into truck trailers to deliver to service stations.

“As a substitute for diesel in the transport sector, this is where biomethane can make a lasting contribution to climate protection,” added von Lehmden, who stressed this approach is also attractive for Germany from a purely economic perspective.

“It simply makes more sense to invest in the infrastructure that is already in place than to focus on building a whole new infrastructure for electric vehicles.”

As with the other plants, the Oisu facility will use the EnviThan biogas upgrading technology. For this environmentally-friendly and cost-effective process, EnviTec equips its gas upgrading plants with membrane modules from Evonik Fibres. The hollow fibre membranes purify the raw biogas generated in the biogas plants to yield a final methane content of over 97% purity by volume.

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