EnviTec Biogas doubles its production capacity in Germany

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EnviTec Biogas has announced the completion of a new 1,800 sqm production building for its EnviThan containers at its site in Saerbeck, Germany - doubling its production capacity.
In the recently opened building, up to six more plants can be manufactured simultaneously, in addition to the six existing manufacturing bays.
According to Jürgen Tenbrink, chief technical officer at the German firm, the expansion of its total usable space to 2,100 sqm on its 5,000 sqm site means EnviTec Biogas is in a position to meet the needs for gas upgrading plants worldwide even faster.
This step towards a new and larger manufacturing operation is based on healthy developments in the innovative EnviThan gas upgrading technology.
“The technical systems fit-outs for our first containers were completed in Gelsenkirchen, at our then partner A3," said Tenbrink.
"In 2014, roughly ten years ago, we moved our container production to its current site in Saerbeck. In just the first five years up until 2019, we produced 100 containers for gas upgrading, oxygen generation and gas feed-in, and shipped them out for their respective applications.” That number has since grown to 250 containers.
Helping to meet local climate targets in Saerbeck
After a construction period lasting 10 months, production of the first container took place in December last year, according to Tenbrink. At the inauguration ceremony he said the turnaround was impressive, given the ongoing problems facing the construction and construction materials sector.
He went on to say that, as one of the very first biogas plant builders, Envitec Biogas does not solely use green energy for its plant construction business. The new production building is heated by a heat pump operated with green PV power. These "Intelligent, storage-based energy solutions help us to produce significant quantities of green energy and use these in a sustainable manner,” Tenbrink said.
“As a local employer within the pro-climate community of Saerbeck, however, we feel duty-bound to support not just Saerbeck’s climate targets but also those of local businesses,” explained Olaf von Lehmden, CEO of EnviTec Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG.
Contractors for the production building were all sourced from the region, and these tradespeople attended the inauguration ceremony together with the two local vicars and the mayor of Saerbeck, Tobias Lehberg.
Saerbeck is working towards achieving climate neutrality as a community by 2030. This means that emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2 will have to drop to net zero in Saerbeck by this date. “We are proud to be part of Saerbeck’s pro-climate community and to be able to take a further step towards the expansion of renewable energies both locally and throughout Europe with our new production building,” concluded von Lehmden.

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