EnviTec Biogas continues with expansion in Lohne and Saerbeck

Construction work to expand the EnviTec Biogas premises in Lohne, Lower Saxony “is in full progress, the foundation is already poured” the company said.
With the addition of an extra 640 sqm, this will mean the site then offers a total of 3,000 sqm of office space, with 750 sqm of storage.
EnviTec CEO Olaf von Lehmden: "Building this extra capacity in terms of space goes hand in hand with the expansion of our new business in the production of the advanced fuel bio-LNG."
With the acquisition of BioEnergie Park Güstrow and the launch of the joint venture BALANCE EnviTec Bio-LNG GmbH, the biogas all-rounder from Lower Saxony is tapping into the “new and lucrative” bio-LNG market.
"Alongside capital investment and our innovative strengths, we will naturally also be needing the necessary expertise and a sizeable addition to our team," von Lehmden continued. The expansion to the Lohne site will provide facilities for another 30 employees. And positions are still available at both of the company's locations in Lohne and Saerbeck.
Von Lehmden: "We look forward to applications from highly motivated candidates aiming at a position in sales or project management, or wanting to join our IT, service, electrical engineering and prefabrication teams."
And the company's production location at Saerbeck is also being further expanded - in terms of space and personnel. "The existing production area for our innovative EnviThan gas upgrading system is being expanded by 1,800 square metres," added von Lehmden.
In terms of production workplaces, this is a doubling from six to twelve. However, the seven-metre-high hall will not be used for production alone - an office, a recreation room, sanitary facilities and a customer lounge with a view into production are planned.
Renewable energy is naturally an important point of focus for the building work itself, with Lohne and Saerbeck both being equipped with PV systems and the newly-planned underfloor heating systems are operated with an air-source heat pump.
Olaf von Lehmden: "Intelligent power storage systems and storage-based energy solutions are now helping us generate significant quantities of green energy at each of our sites."
The company's vehicle pool is also being steadily transitioned to gas and electric vehicles that run on PV power and bio CNG. "We're pleased to see an upswing in the market for the green fuel biomethane, which has finally come about - especially in transport - thanks to RED II," commented the CEO, while also calling on lawmakers to engage fully with new technologies. "At the end of the day," von Lehmden cautioned, "any drive system is only as green as its fuel."

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