EnviroTaqa, Renergon International partner on biogas venture

EnviroTaqa for Sustainable Environmental Services & Renewable Energy (Egypt) has joined forces with Renergon International, based in Switzerland.

The firms formed an alliance aimed at providing state-of-the-art, turnkey technology solutions for turning organic waste into renewable energy for producing both biogas and electricity as well as organic fertilisers through dry fermentation technology.

According to EnviroTaqa, the partnership sets the tone of cooperation between the firms and includes several collaborations, such as creating and developing biogas plants with varying capacity – from 50 kW to 5 MW, using advanced dry fermentation technology in biomass.

Karl-Heinz Restle, CEO and founder of Renergon, said: “The Renergon-EnviroTaqa partnership brings together industry leaders with proven technologies who recognise the need for an integrated solution approach to advancing the deployment of biogas plants in Egypt.

Dr Metwalli Elnoubi, EnviroTaqa’s chairman, and Abdelhakam Mashhour, CEO, said: “The importance of energy security for Egypt and the signing of this partnership reinforces and creates a great competitive opportunity in the field of energy supply from biomass and dry fermentation technology, which is supporting various sectors in the region.”

The company added that it is planning to build and operate several biogas power plants in Egypt, varying between small, medium and large biogas power plants that will produce a total of 10 MW of electricity for the next five years (2020-2025).

By 2030, the company is planning to increase the numbers of biogas plants to produce 50 MW of electricity that will be produced from biomass with a total increase in investment levels.

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