Environmental permit application submitted for new UK AD plant

UK firm BioConstruct NewEnergy has submitted a permit application to the Environment Agency for operations at its Blaise Biogas anaerobic digestion (AD) facility in Kent.

If granted, the permit will allow the recovery, or a mix of recovery and disposal, of non-hazardous food waste and green waste with a capacity exceeding 75 tonnes per day involving biological treatment, or 100 tonnes per day if the only waste treatment activity is AD.

The Environment Agency is now asking the local community to share their views on the application. A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said: “We are considering the application from BioConstruct NewEnergy, but before we make any decisions, we want to give the local community an opportunity to give us their views. All responses will be reviewed in detail.

“They will help us to decide whether to grant the permit and, if we do, what conditions we would need to impost to adequately protect the environment and human health.”

BioConstruct was formed in Germany in 2000 and has successfully commissioned over 300 AD plants over the last 15 years, alongside wind and solar projects. Currently, the group owns and operates more than 21 AD plants.

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