Ensus ethanol shipped from Vopak terminal

Europe’s largest wheat to ethanol refinery has shipped its first renewable fuel product.

Tanker Clipper Nelly left independent terminal operator Vopak’s North Tees, UK, terminal loaded with Ensus ethanol and headed for Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Ensus’ £300 million (€332 million) plant at Wilton went into production last month, making the green road fuel, valuable animal feed and for the drinks industry from surplus wheat supplies. The refinery hopes to hit the full 400 million litre capacity at the end of April.

Annual production from the Ensus plant alone is expected to meet about a third of the UK requirement under the Government’s Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO), which requires 3.5% of all transport fuel in 2010-2011 to come from biofuels.

The current financial squeeze, however, curtails any future ethanol refineries for the time being CEO Alwyn Hughes says.

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