ENplus® reaches milestone with 1,000 fraud cases solved

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Quality control and the protection of the certification scheme's value remain key priorities, explains Dobromir Yankov, marketing manager at Bioenergy Europe, in the association's regular column for Bioenergy Insight.
When ENplus® was launched over a decade ago, the pellet market was in an early phase of development that lacked a specific set of requirements, quality check-ups and other types of regulations. With the expansion of the scheme, as well as the development of the international standards for pellets, the pellet producers, traders, services providers, appliance manufacturers and consumers gradually found a common language based on the defining idea of a high quality fuel product.
ENplus® became a synonym for a wood pellet quality guarantee provided by independent bodies. The scheme was embraced by all the actors within the supply chain because of its scope, set of stringent requirements and procedures - but also because of the active trademark protection against fraud.
And when it comes to fraud, the ENplus® team relies on solid experience. Just a couple of weeks ago a significant milestone was reached when the certification...

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