Enhanced collaboration for biomass sector between Japan and Indonesia

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The Indonesian Embassy in Japan has facilitated the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between PPT Energy Trading (PPT ET), PT Agro Industri Mandiri and PT Inti Persada of Indonesia for the supply of biomass.
The embassy further facilitated the inking of an MoU between PT Riu Mamba Karya Sentosa and PT Alam Bumi Cemerlang in Fukuoda, Japan on 4 November, to conduct a study for the construction of a wood pellet plant.
"The Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo is always ready to become a bridge for various cooperation opportunities," Indonesian Ambassador to Japan Heri Akhmadi said in a statement on 5 November.
Indonesia is one of the biggest wood product exporters in the world, with a large forestry industry and abundant biomass, Akhmadi observed.
Indonesia's export of palm oil shell to other countries like Japan for biomass raw material also indicated an upward trend, he continued.
It brings major opportunities for enhanced cooperation between Indonesia and Japan specifically in the renewable energy sector.
Along with the government's commitment to convert diesel power plant (PLTD) to biomass power plant (PLTBm) and satisfy high demand for biomass in Japan, Akhmadi said he believed the opportunity for cooperation in the energy sector is prominent.
Matsuji Nishimura, chairman of Kyudenko Corporation, also emphasised the importance of a renewable energy development plan for decarbonisation in accordance with Japan's commitment.
He therefore deemed cooperation with Indonesia - with its wide Energy Plantation Forest area - to be very important.
Meanwhile, head of Pertamina East Asia, Agus Witjaksono, saidthat the cooperation will focus on biomass energy since Indonesia has a large biomass resources for Japanese market.
"With the inking of MoU  between PPT Energy Trading with Indonesian partner, we expect to contribute more to supplying biomass from Indonesia to Japan," he remarked.

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