“Energy everywhere: pioneering sustainability with a diverse portfolio”

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Severn Trent Green Power highlights the benefits of a multi-pronged strategy.
As the biogas industry evolves, so do the companies playing a larger and larger part in it.
Severn Trent Green Power is one such company. Most people would say that Green Power is an organics recycler, treating more than half a million tonnes of UK food waste every year and turning it into renewable energy.
Indeed, this is its (pardon the pun) bread and butter, where the majority of its attention and business strategy is focused, said Green Power.
However, there is much more to the company than first appears, it added. Green Power has what is, in all likelihood, a unique position among biogas producers in the UK. Both by virtue of its association with the utility giant Severn Trent and its own ambitious growth plans, it has been able to diversify and operate on many different fronts in the renewable energy space.
“Hydro turbines, wind turbines and solar farms make up what is an impressively diverse portfolio, complemented by a green waste recycling operation focused on the Home Counties – what other commercial organisation can lay claim to being involved...

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