Enel signs agreement with Enea and Roma Capitale to build biomass bi-generation plant

A memorandum of understanding has been signed by Italian power company Enel to build a 1-5MW concentrated solar power and biomass bi-generation plant, which will produce electricity for the city of Rome.

Italy's agency for new technologies, Enea, and Rome's local authority Roma Capitale, which will be backing the porject also signed the agreement. Enel will build and manage the Trebois plant as part of a new city scheme called CSP Roma Filiera, aiming to sustainably develop areas of the capital.

The plant will be powered by wood feedstock, which will include waste produced from the pruning of city trees. The biomass components will be separated to produce a number of different products, including lignin. The cellulosic components will also be extracted and converted into ethanol, which can then be used as a biofuel.

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