Enagás GTS launches platform confirming renewable gases’ origin

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Enagás GTS, the technical manager of the gas system in Spain, has launched the platform for the registration of account holders and  production devices of the system providing guarantees of origin for renewable gases - applicable to biogas, biomethane and renewable hydrogen.

This represents the first milestone of the project, which was set out in the Government's Plan +SE (Plan Más Seguridad Energética - More Energy Security Plan) in October last year.

As of now, interested companies can apply for to register as account holders and production devices. The issuance of guarantees of origin will be available on the platform from March 2023.

It is also possible to consult detailed information on the location, typology, capacity and commissioning date of gas production devices from renewable sources, as required by Royal Decree 376/2022 of 17 May.

This regulation designates, on a transitional basis, Enagás GTS as the entity responsible for the development and management of this new system of guarantees.

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