Electricity plant causes uproar

In collaboration with electricity provider NV Energy, Placer County is looking to construct a biomass plant in California, US.

Generating between 1 and 3MW of energy the facility has been narrowed down to one of two sites: a 1.3-acre plot in Kings Beach or a site in Tahoe City.

However the residents of Kings Beach are not happy that this site has been shortlisted for consideration as it is so close to homes and local amenities. Pollution emitted from the plant and the increased level of traffic is causing huge opposition, in addition to the elementary school and local children’s club that are both situated nearby.

Commenting on the resistance that the plans are facing, Brett Storey, Placer County project manager, said: ‘It may very well be true that the parcel is too close to homes and a school. We don’t know those details yet and we won’t know until the review process is complete. However, if it is we won’t build the facility.’

The EIR is currently undertaking an investigation looking into the number of homes located close by to the proposed plant, in addition to the amounts of emissions given off from the plant and the direction of the wind. Storey expects the review to be released early next year.

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