EIB funding to support AD plant in Pescara, Italy

European Investment Bank (EIB) funds will contribute to financing a new anaerobic digestion (AD) plant in the Italian municipality of Pescara.

The EIB is financing the 2021-2025 climate strategy of Pescara with a €35 million framework investment aimed at promoting the circular economy, energy efficiency, and solid waste management.

EIB funds will make it possible to renovate existing waste sorting facilities, finance the purchase of environmentally-friendly means of transport such as electric, hybrid or biomethane vehicles, and improve energy efficiency in 55 public buildings, including schools, in the city of the Abruzzo region.

Thanks to the EIB’s support, the municipality of Pescara will develop an AD system to manage 50,000 tonnes of waste annually and produce 4 million m3 of biomethane every year. The project also provides for the upgrading of a sorting plant for recyclable materials with a treatment capacity of 30,000 tonnes per year, compared to 8,000 currently.

The project will be coordinated and implemented by the municipal companies Ambiente for waste management and Pescara Energia for energy management. The latter will replace fixtures and insulation coverings in 55 public buildings and schools, improving their energy efficiency through energy-saving lighting and photovoltaic panels.

“Providing high-quality waste management services and improving the energy efficiency of public buildings is key to safeguarding public health and protecting the environment,” said EIB vice-president, Gelsomina Vigliotti.

“In supporting the Municipality of Pescara’s climate strategy, the EIB confirms its commitment to promoting the green transition, the circular economy, and the EU’s social cohesion policies.”

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