EcoGen Polk develops biomass plant in Florida

In Florida, US, U.S. EcoGen Polk is developing a biomass plant that will be built in Fort Meade.

EcoGen plans to break ground on the $200 million (€148 million) facility at the beginning of 2012, with startup expected in 2014. The U.S. EcoGen Generating Facility will convert eucalyptus into 60MW of renewable power.

EcoGen will grow 100% of the eucalyptus needed to fuel the plant on dedicated plantations. The trees will then be turned into wood chips at the site of biomass plant. It is thought between 400,000 and 500,000 tonnes of eucalyptus timber will be utilised annually.

The full 60MW will be sold to utility company Progress Energy, after the two companies signed a long-term power purchase agreement lasting 29.5 years.

Around 350 construction jobs will become available during the construction phase, in addition to 35 permanent jobs in the plant and itself.

The company is planning to build a further three biomass facilities in the future.

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