Ecofys completes biomass assessment for Vattenfall

In a 2009 Directive put in place by the European Commission, the criteria requiring greenhouse gas reductions applied only to biomass sources for transport fuel. Now European energy firm Vattenfall Europe has taken it upon itself to identify measures that guarantee the sustainability of its solid biomass sources.

By doing so the company has taken a leading role in the defining and sourcing of sustainable solid biomass on a large scale. On behalf of Vattenfall Europe, renewable energy company Ecofys has concluded a sustainability assessment of routes for bioenergy sources that are truly sustainable.

Ecofys has defined a number of sustainability criteria regulations in the past for the EU, UK and the Netherlands. Now, with Vettenfall’s vision of increasing its biomass based share in combined heat and power production, Ecofys has recently created a record of sustainable routes that could lead to the purchase of sustainable biomass in the future.

Ecofys primarily assessed the biomass streams from forest residues and short rotation energy wood in and around Berlin as well as global sources.

Ecofys expects for other firms generating heat and power from biomass to soon follow suit. Project manager Patrick Lamers said: ‘All stakeholders will ask for this. The explicit use of certified sustainable biomass will also increase the public acceptance of biomass use for energy purposes in general.’

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