Eco Verde Energy adds three UK AD plants to portfolio

Eco Verde Energy (EVE) has added three UK anaerobic digestion (AD) plants to its portfolio.

Attleborough Eco Electric and Ellough AD are owned by Privilege Investments, which is also the co-owner of Holton, and will be taken over from 1 December.

Chris Brown, operations director at EVE, said the firm was “very pleased” to be bringing the three plants into its portfolio.

“Once we take over their operations later this year, the combined output from EVE-operated plants will be at least 23 MW, which includes both gas and electricity,” said Brown.

“Our operations, service, and back-office teams will use their extensive skills and experience to deliver process improvements and optimise outputs from the plants.

“In addition, we are undertaking an expansion project at Attleborough, to enable it to produce biogas for the grid, as well as electricity, with the view to supply the local town of Attleborough with gas for the majority of the 4,000 homes.”

Chris Winward, director of Privilege, said the company was excited to be entering the new strategic partnership. “EVE has an incredibly compelling offering across advisory, operations, and back-office support, and the optimisation of operations should enable increased generation of renewable energy by all of the plants,” said Winward.

“This will help offset demand for non-renewable alternatives, contributing towards the imperative movement to net-zero emissions.”

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