EBA, GIE and ERGaR explore the opportunities of power-to-methane for Europe

The European Biogas Association (EBA) has hosted its first dedicated to power-to-methane workshop in Brussels in joint cooperation with Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) and the European Renewable Gas Registry (ERGaR).

The event, which took place on 6 September, 2017, showcased the latest technological developments around Europe and it formalised the launch of a common vision of the three organisers, with the commitment to move forward towards a renewable and integrated European gas grid.

The event gathered over 60 attendees, key players of the gas and renewable gas industry sector along with representatives of academia. The first session focused on the need for a more integrated European gas grid to allow the increasing production of biomethane to be transported and consumed.

The workshop continued with a detailed technical explanation of the two available technologies for the Power-to-Methane production and the next steps needed to overcome the challenges ahead. The successful stories from Denmark and Switzerland presented in the last session proved the actual feasibility of integrating Power-to-Methane in the current gas system. However, new projects to produce renewable methane have much higher chance of success when the use of the product is not limited to the domestic market. The ERGaR system, by transferring sustainability characteristics of renewable gasses, will be able to favour the distribution of this sustainable product through the European natural gas network.

Speaking about the workshop, Jan Stambasky, EBA’s President, said: “The high rate of participation to this event clearly shows a great interest in the Power-to-Methane technology. The industry is already successfully operating a number of plants in Europe, strongest cooperation of the key players and adequate EU regulation recognising the climate and economic benefits are needed to scale up the production.”

Boyana Achovski, GIE Secretary General, added: “As Gas infrastructure operators, we are very focussed and somewhat “obliged” to develop a gas infrastructure that allows renewable gasses to be transported safely and cost-efficiently in the European gas grid. Our joint event today represents our strong willingness to exchange views and information with EU representatives and fellow industry associations in order to promote renewable gasses and contribute to the evolution of the EU framework.”

Attila Kovacs, Secretary General of ERGaR, explained: “The BIOSURF project is instrumental in developing the ERGaR concept which serves the interests of the European biomethane and Power-to-Methane industries.”

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