€12m biogas plant opens in North Macedonia

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Fero Invest-Central Invest Holding, based in North Macedonia, opened a €12m biogas plant with a capacity of 2MW on 24 May.
The plant is located in the village of Saramzalino, in the eastern part of the country.
It was built over a period of two years, and is expected to produce 16,640 MWh of electricity annually, sufficient to meet the needs of around 15,000 people, Sitel reported.
One of the primary objectives of the biogas power plant is to utilise food scraps and waste from farms to generate electricity.
It will also produce thermal energy for plantations on six hectares of agricultural land and generate 40,000 tonnes of natural agricultural fertiliser.
Fero Invest-Central Invest is a company within the portfolio of former vice prime minister Koco Angjushe, and the co-investor is packaging company ASP PAK.
"Biogas power plant is [sic] the biggest cleaner of organic waste in society, everything that is organic and can be decomposed in the biogas power plant can be used as fuel, and the by-product is electricity, pure humus and liquid for watering the fields," Angjushev said.


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