Dutch waste to green gas technology eyes global market

Dutch energy institute ECN has signed a license agreement with fellow Dutch company Royal Dahlman to further the reach of its renewable energy technology.

ECN claims its Milena gasification method can turn various kinds of waste and biomass into high energy gas. Both wood and agricultural waste from soya or rice was used during the testing phase to be converted into electricity through CHP stations or gas turbines, biodiesel and other transportation fuels and biogas for the national grid.

Royal Dahlman has global clients that it claims particularly want to use gas in CHP stations to generate electricity.

‘To make diesel or petrol from renewables you need carbon-based biomass or waste, so we intend to use Milena technology in both the electricity and fuel markets,’ says sales executive Jan-Willem Könemann.

ECN has also developed an Olga-branded technology to remove tar from produced gas. Royal Dahlman currently uses both technologies in Holland, India and the UK currently.

‘The problem of biomass gasification has always been its low efficiency, but we think we have solved that with Milena,’ adds Ruud van den Brink of ECN.

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