DuPont enters biogas business with enzyme to improve gas yields

DuPont Industrial Biosciences has launched Optimash AD-100, an innovative new enzyme product to help biomethane producers improve biogas yields and process robustness.

Optimash AD-100 represents DuPont Industrial Biosciences’ entry into the growing biogas sector, with an enzyme that has been shown to produce up to a 13% increase in biogas yields in anaerobic digesters.

The enzyme breaks down organic matter – like food, paper, animal and farm wastes – resulting in sugars more suitable for biogas-producing micro-organisms.

The addition of the enzyme into the biomethane process improves plant profitability by reducing feedstock requirements and increasing biogas production, DuPont says.

Methane biogas is primarily used to generate electricity or is compressed and inserted into the pipeline gas grid. 

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