DuPont and MIAVIT sign supply agreement for biogas production enhancing enzymes

DuPont Industrial Biosciences and MIAVIT have signed a supply agreement where DuPont will deliver enzymes for incorporation in biogas-boosting products distributed by MIAVIT.

Enzyme technology has been proven to improve biogas yields and process robustness, ultimately increasing customers’ revenue and profitability while increasing offerings in renewable energy, DuPont said in a statement.

DuPont will provide its Fibrezyme G4 enzyme biotechnology to MIAVIT for inclusion in MiaMethan ProCut, a new biogas ingredient for the agricultural sector.

MiaMethan ProCut helps improve the breakdown of poorly digestible materials to allow for more efficient conversion to biogas.

Fibrezyme G4, DuPont’s latest enzyme offering, is available in powder format and helps reduce the viscosity of poorly digestible materials by over 60%, thereby allowing faster processing time.

Enzymes work by accelerating the breakdown of various materials such as plant fibres, paper, animal and farm wastes, as well as protein-rich materials, such as food waste and manure, resulting in sugars and amino acids more suitable for conversion into biogas.

Methane biogas is primarily used to generate renewable electricity, or is compressed and inserted into the pipeline gas grid.

“As new technology, like Fibrezyme from DuPont, comes online, we see tremendous opportunity for our customers to improve efficiency and yields. This, in turn, provides the emerging biogas industry a new revenue stream, particularly for rural and farm communities, from materials that would ordinarily go to waste – reducing damaging environmental impacts and expanding renewable options for power generation,” said Franz Otten, managing director of Sales at MIAVIT.

DuPont Industrial Biosciences and MIAVIT announced the new partnership at EuroTier/Energy-Decentral, from 15-18 November in Hannover, Germany.

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