Ductor Biogas Sweden and CA Cedergren sign partnership for circular farming model

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Circular biotechnology company specialising in biogas and organic fertilisers Ductor Biogas Sweden AB, has joined forces with Swedish egg production company CA Cedergren to create a circular farming model.
The project site is located approximately 1km from Cedergren's operations, and will be used to build and operate a Ductor biogas and fertiliser plant. In July 2022, the companies officially signed a 20-year agreement on land lease and delivery of chicken manure for the installation of a biogas plant in Fliseryd, Mönsterås.
Ductor runs two factories in Mexico and Germany that operate according to a circular model and said it strives to unlock bioresources to make food sustainable and energy clean. The third such operating facility in Sweden is expected to be commissioned in 2024.
“Our patented technology convinces with its simplicity by which the accumulation challenges of organic waste in agriculture and the food industry can be solved,” said Bernard C. Fenner, CEO of Ductor Group.
“We combine patented microbiology with industry standard equipment, which makes the process extremely flexible and usable in different environments and geographies worldwide. I am proud and happy that our Sweden country manager Jorma Liikamaa has been able to reach this stage of partnership with our partner CA Cedergren and looks optimistically into the future to produce carbon dioxide-reduced biogas and fertilizer in Fliseryd. Decentralised and resilient solutions for energy and fertilizer production contribute to global energy and food security.”
Ductor aims to expand its operations in additional European countries and the United States within the next few years.

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