Drax partners with Patch to enhance carbon credit offering

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Drax Group has partnered with Patch, a climate technology company that is building digital infrastructure for the carbon market of the future.
Patch's software helps voluntary carbon market participants buy, sell and manage credits.
With the Patch Radius software solution,
Drax customers will be able to purchase from a number of portfolios of carbon credits, including those from BECCS by Drax.
Drax has the ambition to become a global leader in carbon removals through the implementation of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) technology, with the aim of capturing 14 million metric tonnes of carbon removals a year by 2030.
Drax's ambition in carbon removals, this partnership aims to accelerate the carbon market by facilitating carbon credit sales to companies of all sizes looking to achieve their climate goals.
"A strong carbon market will be essential to accelerating the deployment of technologies like BECCS, and business and organisations need to invest in building it now, if we are going to see removals at the volume needed to limit warming to 1.5degC," said Marc Bradbrook, SVP business development at Drax.
"We are delighted to be entering a partnership with Patch which we hope will enable us to better engage with customers in the carbon credit market and scale this critical industry."
High integrity carbon credits are increasing in demand as more organisations look to meet their decarbonisation targets. In addition to using the Patch software to facilitate the sale of BECCS by Drax credits to Drax customers, Drax also plans to submit BECCS by Drax credits to be evaluated against Patch's project acceptance criteria.
Once successfully onboarded, BECCS by
Drax credits will be available to Patch's broader network of customers.
"Drax is leveraging Patch Radius to deliver to its customers exactly what they're looking for: a way to seamlessly access carbon credits," said Jan Mertens, VP of global revenue at Patch.
"We're excited to partner with
Drax to enable more companies to understand and engage with a range of carbon credits."
Drax has agreed deals with Respira for up to two million metric tonnes of carbon removals, and C-Zero, and is continuing to see commitments from emerging players across industries in this space.

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