Dong Energy establishes bioenergy consortium

Energy company Dong Energy, along with local companies, is developing a consortium called Måbjerg Energy Concept.

The consortium has been established to examine the feasibility of bioenergy projects and determine which ones will be profitable. These projects include building new plants and upgrading existing ones.

All the projects will utilise locally sourced biomass and waste materials to produce a variety of energy products including bioethanol, biogas, electricity, heat and hydrogen.

The Måbjerg Energy Concept will study the viability of building a second generation bioethanol plant, expanding the existing Maabierg BioEnergy biogas plant by adding a hydrogen generation plant, as well as converting the existing biomass-fired CHP plant to enable it to handle waste products from the bioethanol plant in future.

The consortium will also study the possibility of constructing a waste treatment plant that will use enzymes to separate waste fractions for use in biogas production.

In addition to Dong Energy, the Måbjerg Energy Concept is made of Vestforsyning, Struer Forsyning and the waste company Nomi. Jørgen Udby, CEO of Vestforsyning, is the chairman of the consortium and Thomas Dalsgaard, senior vice president, represents Dong Energy in the consortium.

'Maabjerg Energy Concept is highly ambitious and innovative, not just by Danish standards. It will be a historic breakthrough for the energy sector if we succeed in implementing it in full scale. That is precisely what we will be looking into in the coming project phase,' says Dalsgaard, adding:

'Dong Energy has built up extensive expertise in both biogas, enzyme treatment of biomass and bioethanol production, and we have already established a demonstration plant. The establishment of Måbjerg Energy Concept will boost the opportunities for Danish research and, especially, export of green energy know-how.'

Source: Dong Energy

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