DONG Energy converts coal-fired power station to green energy

In Denmark, DONG Energy is converting the last CHP unit at its Avedøre Power Station from coal to wood pellets.

The unit will be operational from 2016, providing heat for 65,000 households in the Greater Copenhagen area. From Q3 next year, Avedøre Power Station – the largest power station in Denmark – will be able to generate heat based entirely on wood pellets and straw instead of coal and gas.

Thomas Dalsgaard, executive VP at DONG Energy, says: 'The decision to convert unit 1 at Avedøre Power Station means that we'll now be in a position to abandon coal and gas entirely when we're generating heat for more than 215,000 households in the Greater Copenhagen area. It's a significant step in the green conversion, taken in a cost-effective way.'

Under a new agreement between DONG Energy and Veks, unit 1 at Avedøre Power Station will supply renewable heat to Veks' customers between 2016 and 2033. The agreement forms the basis of the investment in converting and prolonging the lifetime of the CHP unit and is a significant contribution to the Danish capital's ambition of being CO2 neutral in 2025.

DONG Energy and Veks are financing the conversion, which will be initiated in April this year.

Dalsgaard explains: 'By using more wind and biomass, we have reduced our coal consumption by 65% per cent since 2006. And we have a target stating that at least half of the electricity and heat generated at our power stations in 2020 will be based on sustainable biomass instead of coal and gas.'

Once the conversion of unit 1 is complete, Avedøre Power Station will be able to produce district heating based on biomass for approximately 215,000 Copenhagen households as well as electricity corresponding to the annual consumption of more than 600,000 households.


SOURCE: Dong Energy 

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