DMT celebrates opening of Arizona RNG facility

DMT Clear Gas Solutions (DMT) has celebrated the completion of the Tres Ríos RNG Centre in Arizona.

On 21 October, DMT, Pima County and Southwest Gas celebrated the connection of the biogas treatment facility to the Southwest Gas grid. Several stakeholders gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The Tres Ríos Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) serves the metropolitan Tucson area, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The facility is the centralised biosolids treatment location for all of Pima County’s eight WRFs, treating around 50 million gallons of wastewater daily.

Using DMT’s three-stage membrane separation technology, the Carborex®MS, the Tres Ríos WRF upgrades 700 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) of biogas. The plant produces up to 99.5% methane recovery for direct injection into the grid.

In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, the RNG project equates to removing 2,500 vehicles from US roads, or the generating energy of 5,500 homes.

“DMT is proud to bring the Tres Ríos RNG Centre in Arizona to market,” said Theo Zuijdwijk, CEO of DMT. “I am especially thankful to Pima County, our internal team, and all partners involved, for its successful completion.”

Bobby DeAngelo, project manager of Pima County, commented: “The opening of the Tres Ríos RNG Centre is a monumental milestone for Pima County.

“Pima County now stands in a better position to reach its carbon reduction emission goals by 2025. Working with experienced, committed partners like DMT was essential to the success of this project.”

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