DM Design invests in £250,000 biomass boiler

Scottish kitchen, bathroom and bedroom specialist DM Design has boosted its green credentials by investing in biomass. 

DM Design has purchased and installed a £250,000 biomass boiler at its head office in Cumbernauld. The new system will save the company the equivalent of 50 large skiploads of landfill each year.

The 150kW boiler is fed with wood from old kitchen and bedroom units which have been removed from DM Design customers’ homes. Interestingly, the new boiler also assists in removing dust, ensuring the 30 factory staff have a clean health environment.

“Putting in a biomass boiler was a no brainer. It saves 50 large skips-worth of waste going to landfill, heats our entire factory and lowers our heating bill by up to £10,000 a year,” said Ben Taylor, operations manager at DM Design.

For more information visit: http://www.dmdesignuk.com/

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