Digestate evaporation & nutrient management

Biogastechnik Süd explores the benefits of digestate evaporation as part of a successful biogas operation.

Nutrient management is an important issue for many livestock farmers and biogas operators. This is where the process of digestate evaporation, which enables digestate to be converted into commercial fertiliser, steps in.

With the development of the Vapogant system, Biogastechnik Süd, based in Isny, in Germany’s Allgäu, has brought to market a technical process plant that can evaporate liquid manure and extract mineral fertiliser as an end product, among other things.

Currently, around 60 employees work at the company that was founded by the brothers Clemens and Gregor Maier. In addition to the Vapogant digestate evaporation system, Biogastechnik Süd also manufactures components for biogas plants. These include the Varibull paddle agitator; the Sepogant separator in all its different variants; the Easyfeeder feed technology, and other components.

Separation is the key to nutrient management

The principle of separation has existed for many years. With...

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