Diacarbon Energy to restart wood pellet operations in June

Canadian wood pellet manufacturer Diacarbon Energy has said that it will restart its operations in June, according to media reports.

The company experienced a fire in October 2016 in its dryer unit and had to shut down its operations.
Diacarbon Energy CEO Jerry Ericsson told the Merritt Herald he expects the plant to be running again in June, and is hopeful that the new year will be one of the best ever for the company.

Diacarbon will also resume construction of its nearby torrefaction plant that will produce black pellets.

“Right now, the dryer is being built in Germany. It’ll be done sometime in April, takes about three or four weeks to get here, [and then] three or four weeks to set up,” Ericsson told the Merritt Herald. “The day after that, we’re going to be running.”

The return to operations in June will also mean that the staff who had been working at the pellet manufacturing plant — around 40 people, said Ericsson — will be back to work, according to the media outlet.

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