DHL Supply Chain adds 13 LNG tractor units to fleet

DHL Supply Chain has added 13 Volvo FH LNG tractor units to its fleet, as part of its ‘GoGreen’ plan.

The new additions, which can be fuelled with bio-LNG, join DHL’s growing fleet of gas trucks. The tractor units are equipped with Globetrotter cabs and specified with 155-kilogram LNG tanks for a maximum range of 1,000 kilometres. The new vehicles will deliver up to an 80% reduction in carbon emissions when fuelled with bio-LNG and 10-20% with fossil gas.

“As part of the world’s largest logistics company, we have a clear set of ambitious environmental targets to achieve, as well as ones to deliver for our customers,” said Ian Clough, managing director, Network Logistics and Transport, UK & Ireland, at DHL Supply Chain.

“To enable greener supply chains and support our customers in their proactive approach to sustainable transport, we continue to work closely with both our customers and partners to find the best solutions.

“The Volvo gas truck is an excellent product, and bio-LNG is a viable option to achieve significant carbon reduction in long-haul distribution. We’ve been impressed with the FH LNG units we already have in service and our intention is to accelerate our investment in gas trucks moving forward.

“We are talking to a number of different customers with the aim of having more than 500 gas vehicles in operation across the fleet by 2025.”

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