DHL expands LNG truck fleet, explores bio-LNG potential

DHL Supply Chain is expanding its fleet of environmentally friendly LNG gas trucks, transporting car parts from the Czech Republic to Germany.

The three new tractor units running on LNG put into operation in October 2020 will now be followed by eight more low-emission trucks. This step will enable DHL Supply Chain to reduce CO2 emissions by 187 tonnes per year.

The company is also set to benefit from the first bio-LNG filling stations to open on its truck routes in Germany “as early as this year” according to Kateřina Rázlová, director of the automotive division at DHL Supply Chain.

“Last year’s purchase of LNG-powered trucks proved very successful and at the same time, aroused great interest from some of our customers in this type of ecological transport,” said Rázlová.

“The rapid expansion of the filling station network in Germany and the Czech Republic was an important factor in the continued expansion of this alternative fuel in our fleet. It has made it possible to service a greater number of destinations with LNG and has improved route-planning flexibility.”

It is becoming easier to supply the expanded green fleet with LNG. There are now filling stations approximately every 200 kilometres (km) in Germany and three available in the Czech Republic in Louny, Klecany and Mladá Boleslav. The first of 11 trucks will cover 160,000 km per year for DHL, while other trucks have routes with a total length of 132,000 km in their annual operating plans.

“The use of bio-LNG will enable another significant reduction in emissions,” added Rázlová. “The first bio-LNG filling stations will open on the DHL Supply Chain truck routes in Germany as early as this year and, according to available information, the sale of bio-LNG is also expected in the Czech Republic within three to five years.”

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