Devon farmer saving with new biomass boiler

A farmer in Devon, UK has installed a biomass boiler to help improve his carbon footprint and even his bank balance.

John Roberts now heats multiple cottages and a live/work unit on the farm via the 60kW biomass boiler which runs on logs, woodchips and pellets taken from his land. He also, under the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), receives 50% return on investment per year.

“It’s ideal for a farm like ours, where we have our own endless supply of wood,” says Roberts. ‘It means we’re fully in control of our own fuel supply, and don’t have to worry about rising costs.  What’s more, by ‘going green’, the RHI means that we get a healthy reward too.’

The boiler, provided by SunGift Energy, also provides hot water on-site and is expected to have a payback period of two years as it will generate fuel cost savings of more than £7,000 annually.

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