Derbyshire farmers submit AD plans

Farmers in Derbyshire have submitted plans for an anaerobic digestion facility.

If approved, the facility at Home Farm in Glapwell would convert 2,500 tonnes of agricultural farm and organic waste such as cow manure annually into renewable energy, said the Derbyshire Times. The plant would produce biogas and biofertiliser to generate around 40 kW of renewable energy annually.

Boyer Planning Consultants, acting on behalf of the farm’s owners, Alan and John Dore, say the fertiliser would be used and spread on the farm for growing crops. The biogas would be used for electricity that can be connected to the national grid via cables to an existing on-site meter box.

Boyer said the plant, which will operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, will be made up of shipping containers and a methane digester tank.

Derbyshire Times reported Bolsover District Council has no objections to the facility, noting that it would be ‘some distance’ from nearby residents. No significant concerns have been raised regarding noise or odour.

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