Denmark to slash fossil fuel usage by 33%

In an attempt to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels by 33% by the year 2020 compared with 2009 levels, the Danish government has introduced its Energy Strategy 2050.

The strategy emphasises the importance of biomass-, biogas- and wind-derived renewable energy, which have the potential to increase the share of renewable energy to 33% over the next 10 years. If the strategy is implemented, 62% of the nation's electricity generation would come from renewable sources.

Under the strategy, the government will grant subsidies to encourage the production of biogas for the generation of renewable power.

It would see small-scale power plants be able to switch from natural gas to biomass. Additionally, the energy strategy would also see the introduction of a 10% biofuels additive by 2020.

'No one is saying that carrying out major investments in energy efficiency and expanding our use of renewable energy is going to be free,' says climate and energy minister Lykke Friis. 'But the alternative is continued dependence on fossil fuels, which all indicators show will only become more expensive in the years to come.'

Source: Renewable Energy Focus

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