Denmark: Local community positive about biogas plant application

Nature Energy, Denmark’s ‘biggest’ biogas producer, has submitted an application to the Municipality of Kolding to construct a new biogas facility.

The Mayor of the Municipality, which is located in the south east of the country, on the Jutland peninsula, has lauded the positive impact the development will have for the local area.

“Biogas has been a declared goal for the Municipality of Kolding for eight years, and we now have all the figures for the benefits,” enthused Jørn Pedersen, Kolding’s Mayor.

“It will generate lots of jobs locally without having a negative impact on life in the outlying towns and villages, and it is particularly positive for our climate accounts. At the same time, Nature Energy has listened to the views of local citizens, so traffic will be directed the right way without inconveniencing those living in the countryside,”


New jobs and environmental benefits

If the application is approved, the plant will represent a DKK 200 million (€29.5 million) investment. According to model calculations from Damvad Analytics, the facility will create more than 220 jobs during its construction, and more than 70 on a permanent basis.

The completed plant would be able to convert 450,000 tonnes of organic waste a year into green biogas, cutting the municipality’s CO2 emissions by 9%.

“We have been working to build a biogas plant in the Municipality of Kolding for some time, and I’m thrilled that today we can at last submit an application,” said Ole Hveplund, Nature Energy’s CEO.

The new plant is being established in collaboration with the supplier’s association Trekantområdets Forening for Biomasseejere.

“A biogas plant of this size will undoubtedly benefit the climate, the environment and, not least, the agricultural sector. We therefore hope that the Municipality of Kolding will look positively at the application, so that we can get digging,” explained Nis Hjort, Chairman of Trekantområdets Forening for Biomasseejere. 

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